Hippo Reads is an online platform dedicated to bringing academic thought to a general audience. We’ve noticed (as have many in higher education) an increasing rift between academic writing and access to a general readership. Hippo provides a voice for the entire academic community to reach a broader public. So, if you are a part of this community—whether as a current professor, adjunct, student, independent scholar, or public intellectual—this is the place for you.

We are looking to transform academically robust topics into reading that’s smart, interesting, highly engaging, and maybe even funny.

If you have an idea, question, or problem you’d like to share with a greater audience, this is your chance. To submit a post to our platform, simply register here and follow the + sign at the upper left hand side of your screen. If your post is approved, our team will then publish to the appropriate category, or, if the post is particularly engaging, to our home page. We will promote posts via our newsletter and social media.

We are so excited about the opportunity to help academic and intellectual thought reach a wider audience via our readership, which numbers in the hundreds of thousands. We hope you will come along on the journey!

Updated 5/22/2018