Head of Content

Caroline Casper is a digital media specialist and award winning writer with advanced degrees in journalism and creative writing. As the Director of Marketing and Sales at Hippo Reads, she specializes in marketing strategy, creative content partnerships, and advertising sales.

Caroline got her start in digital media nine years ago at Lime.com, a Gaiam Company, and then as the online strategist at Active Interest Media in San Francisco. Most recently she was the Director of Marketing and Sales at MindBodyGreen in Brooklyn, a 4-year-old startup and leading independent media company dedicated to health and wellness. As the company’s first hire, she was responsible for building the team’s advertising platform and content integration, helping the site grow from 800K monthly unique visitors to 15 million in less than two years.

She has an MA in Journalism from Columbia College in Chicago and is working towards an MFA in creative writing.

Why I love working for Hippo:

Hippo feels like the materialization of all my passions—writing, reading, and creating a media outlet designed to inform and influence change. I love being a part of the creation process, helping good ideas become shared content. And what’s even better about Hippo is that it started as a conversation between two women.

My favorite academic work:

Currently that would be The Art of Subtext by Charles Baxter.

In another life, I’d be:

One of the writers who got to hang out with Gertrude Stein on Saturday nights in Paris, having too many drinks with Picasso and Hemingway.

Or an astronaut in the very near future. Or a spy with skills like Jason Bourne.

Aside from the mighty hippo, my favorite animal is the:

The gorilla. Or the koala bear.